Apr 28, 2008

Project S.P.I.D.E.R.

QUADRUPED (v0.1): first build
  • wooden platform
  • Arduino (ATMega 168) USB NG rev.c
  • basic firmware
  • 5 servo's
  • external or USB powered

QUADRUPED (1.0): improved

Better a good mechanical platform and electronics that sucks than good electronics and unstable mechanics!

  • improved wooden platform
  • improved legs
  • new firmware (includes leg stress test routines)
  • C# controlled (serial port communication to Arduino)
(I know the GUI is "crap", the power is in the source code and firmware ;-))

<- Click for a bigger picture. Thanks to babyfish0226 for the base code :-)

Quadruped (v1.0)

Quadruped (v1.0) - Servo test

Quadruped (v1.0) - Standing up

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