Jul 17, 2007

L2F50xxx - setting up the hardware interface

Setting up the hardware interface to the Arduino NG Board

What I did today:

- soldering 10-wire (old IDE) cable to the display
- connecting 5-wire data interface to the Arduino NG board
- connecting 2-wire (LED+ and LED_GND) of the display to a 10.4V power source
- connnecting 3-wire (1V8, 2V9 and GND) to a 2V9 LM317 power source

What did work:

- LCD back light turns on(2-wire straight interface)

What didn't work:

- 5-wire interface (wrote a system test program, there was first a connection faile on pin LCD_DAT, problem fixed, stil not fuctioning). Have to read the "borrowed" c-code (which I partially - needed to - adapt(ed) to the Arduino NG board in cpp)

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